Tuesday, March 3, 2009

back to square one.

first blog !
thanks to lourdick who got me hooked onto this shaaat. bahaha

soo. as usual, i didnt go to psychology again. I cant help it, you'd understand if you were in that class. its stupppiid & useless. >:( got my wake-up call at 7:30 and slept til 9:38am. do i feel bad? of course i dooooo.

went to ihop with lourdes, carly, and justin after skool. fuckking loved the crepes&breakfast meals. orgasmic:) drovee the losaahs home and stayed witth him for a bit.
i don't know where we're going. don't know where the hell we're going to end up. if i knew exactly what i wanted, it wouldnt be this hard. and i dont know what do consider us. as much as i say that it fails to bother me, it actually bugs me a lot. and even if you tell me to take my time, i cant slow the pace down just so i can be happy. i'm a little too selfish i'm not gonna deny it. so why do i feel so uneasy when you say we should stop doing things. it's like when i try to stay away, i feel like im missing on something. and then after everything, we're back to square one.