Sunday, February 27, 2011

Purple Gradient Glitter Nails

So I decided to do my nails before I studied, because knowing me..I'll be staring at my ugly nails instead of concentrating on my notes. The first design i did was inspired by bubzbeauty. She twitpic'ed it and i thought it was SO cute. But when i did it on my nails...I wasn't feeling it. It was more of a summer nail design..not quite suitable for the rain/snow we have right now!
So an hour later, I decided to do Purple gradient glitter nails. It was kinda inspired by Beeautyqueen. & these are the products I used:

And this is how it turned out!

& I am fully aware that this is gonna be a bitch to remove. But i have 5days before I have to go back to work, so I had to do something fun other than PINKS & REDS (colours im allowed to wear on my nails for work).

I definitely like the purple glitters a lot more than the strawberry one. I always go through so many different colours before I'm happy with one! Hope you likeees it & back to studying :(

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm back!

I totally forgot about this blog that I created back in highschool. Now I'm back because lisa said i had to blog with her too! Worst time to blog i must say, its midterm season. So just gonna keep this short and sweet. I'm gonna try to blog about makeup and Lol maybe not fashion. I'll just blog about my boring life with y'all!

& let's not forget..

happy 22 months to my baby! <3 i just read my first, and also last blog post, and we were still unofficial back then. I'm so glad I made the right decision 2 years ago. Now I'm with the boy that i love oh so much & it's only gonna get better.

back to studying!