Saturday, July 9, 2011

food junkie-

I kinda want to turn my blog into a food blog. I've been trying some new places and I think they're worth sharing with you guys! Nothing too fancy but here it is!

Located on the corner of Rupert and Broadway.
I've passed by this tiny restaurant so many times before, and I always thought that it's just like any other small japanese joint..maybe worse because it was so small and low-key. However, I have been told and recommended by friends that this restaurant is amazing and definitely worth a try. So today Justin and I decided to go there for dinner, after I left my friends barbeque.

Here is what we ordered:

Red Roll:
If you are familiar with the restaurant, Oyama, you may have heard of, or tried this roll before. It was a Must-Order everytime i went to Oyama. Justin told me that one of the chefs left Oyama and now works at Sushiholic, and so that's why they also have this item on the Special Roll menu. I have to say, this is even better than Oyama's. The portion is a lot smaller, and it's more pricier ($7.95 compared to ~$4.50) but it definitely tasted a lot more fresh. I give this a 10/10. Nothing bad to say about it.

Alaska Combo:

I enjoyed this combo, the Alaska roll was good, although I always thought that the salmon on the roll was supposed to be smoked. The salmon and tuna sashimi was good, but nothing that blew me away like the Red Roll did. haha 8/10.

Awesome Roll:
Where shall i begin with this roll?? I loved everything about it. Especially the fried yam crumbs at the top. I believe this was also $7.95, I definitely recommend trying this one. 10/10.

The ambiance of this restaurant was very chill and the interior is actually bigger than it looks from the outside. I enjoyed their service and will definitely be returning.