Saturday, May 28, 2011


-grouse grind -my coworker who finished the grouse grind in 49mins talked me into doing it! I always thought i'm too girly girl to achieve it, and I would probably die half way...but I think people make it sound harder than it actually is. Hopefully. lol.
-bike the seawall with my boo and friends. -this is a must if you live in the beautyful vancity! Justin can get us rental bikes, or those bikes where you have 2 people riding it (forgot what it's called) with his credit card. There is no way Kaylie will carry her bike onto the skytrain and down Robson street.
-CELEBRATE the Canucks' winning of the Stanley Cup at Downtown!!! this is our year!
-go water skiing. -this is completely out of my comfort zone but it looks way too fun! I don't know where I can access that though.
-road trip down to the states with my boo. Even if it's just one day. Wanna go on a really really hot day with his car top down!
-go to a water park miles away from home with friends + play in open water + have a bbq there
-have lunch on West 4th with besties (even though one of them aren't fond of lunches, ahem.)
-get really tanned (safely)
-find a second part time job (need the money to satisfy my uncontrollable spending habits)
-get my N.

more to come!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

sunny side up!

Here's my very first OOTD!
It was super nice out today, and I was sooo excited to finally take my summer shorts out!
outfit breakdown:
top: Forever21
shorts: Urban Behaviour from last year
Bag: Aldo
Sandals: Aldo (it has 2 little tassels on each shoe, its soo cute :) )

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

birthday beauty goodies

Too Faced Naked and Smokey Eye set: from besty. I've wanted this set for so long but never really put my hands on it. I love the pigmentation of each shadow, and you can never go wrong with the neutrality of the colours! It also comes with 3 different cards that teaches you how to apply different looks. All That Glitters MAC shadow: I got a neon purple eyeshadow from a friend but I wasn't crazy about the colour and I couldn't see myself using it often, so I exchanged it to yet another neutral colour! Love it so far. OPI Femme De Cirque mini polishes-They are sooo cute how tiny they are! However the colours are very sheer. Sephora Lip Attitude Lipstick in G19-I decided to purchase something from Sephora because I didn't want to just go in purposely for my birthday gift. So i randomly picked up a lipstick, and I quite like it so far. It's very creamy, smells like candies, and its a wearable nude colour. Have to wear it more to further review it. The tube looks larger than your standard lipstick, so that's a plus!

3 nail polishes from clara! can't wait to try them out, especially the pink one, Don't know...Beets Me! :) thanks girlie<3