Monday, March 28, 2011

distractions distractions.

I am anticipating April 18th like nobody's business! That's the day of my last final!!! And 4 days following that will be my 2 year anni. And then it's all gonna go uphill cus summer will be fast approaching! I'm too excited..i can barely contain my excitement. It's bad because I can barely concentrate, and I make it seem okay to skip classes now. Waaah so bad :( I was studying with my computer off and I was doing fine. But my hands could not resist lifting my laptop open and turning it on. Why I did that, I don't know. But now I'm hella distracted. *sniff.

Oh, do you like my new banner? Heheh..I wanna do another photoshoot with the besties soon!
& can't wait til this weekend for Clara and Janet's birthday dinner @ the Brewery! I've missed so many birthday dinners before due to work.

Oh by the way, I need to rant about my fake ass redhead assistant manager. She totally just stole my sale last time I worked. I was helping a guy find a wallet for his gf and I gave him a few really good suggestions and he seemed pretty firm on this black gathered leather wallet which costed $248. I gave him some time to think about it and walked away to help other people. Next thing you know, I turned around and my bitch ass manager was helping him and closed the sale with her own name! bitch bitch bitch. She didnt even ask him 'Was anyone helping you?' CUS I CLEARLY WAS. ugh i hate her. She makes work miserable. I was too chicken shit to stand up for myself and tell her it was my sale. waah. I'm glad I'm only working once a week cus I'm SO OVER RETAIL.

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