Sunday, March 13, 2011


I know that she is in a better place now. She was in line and it was her turn to go, and it was a way to ending the pain and suffer. Maybe she's united with my grandparents and they're having a good time together right now..catching up and watching over us.

It was my first time seeing someone pass..and it was definitely heartbreaking and difficult. I will never ever forget the scene of endless tears and unwillingness to let her go. It was especially hard to see her husband sit there and scowl at his own family for letting this happen to his wife. As though someone had caused her to go down the path of death. I know it is his way of coping and we must all understand that he is the most affected one. They shared more than 70years of memories together..and suddenly, she's gone, forever. This is an old loving couple who held hands as they walked. She peeled fruits for him and fed him all three meals and cared for him and herself without a complain. Who can you blame for his anger and disbelief? I hope he sees the truth some day and accepts it.

I learned that we must cherish everyone around us. We can say that so many times, but never actually put actions to it. It's hard to see someone go, it's even harder to feel the sense of regretful for not giving them your all when they were alive.

Rest In Peace. <3

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  1. It's heartbreaking just from reading your posts...
    I definitely agree with 'it was a way to ending the pain and suffer.' though...