Wednesday, March 2, 2011

happiest girl in the world.

Omgosh, freedom never smelt so good. I finished my last midterm today, it was Bio and it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. This semester, I'm starting to really feel like hard work does pays off. I felt like i tried twice as hard this time around, than I have ever did. And I'm enjoying the results I see. Hopefully I'm not too far from my goal and I'll be able to surprise my father soon! It's going to be a special moment :')

So I decided to treat myself after weeks of studying. But I didn't buy much! I went to Richmond with bf and his bf. lol. ew. hahahah. I got a few things for nails from Daiso. The nail polish i got was a light baby pink. I'm not too fond of the colour pay off and quality. What can you expect from a $2 nail polish though right? Haha. And then we went over to Richmond Centre. I really like the new XXI there, it's a lot smaller though. I just found a cute turquoise and gold ring. hella cuuute! and after dinner, the family and i made a trip to the hospital to visit my cousin's grandma; she fell a few days ago :(. Aaaand then we went to superstore and just picked up random shit. bahaha.. I got a Freeman Cucumber PeelOff mask. it smells so fresh, ima give it a try tonight and let you know how it is!

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