Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday, after I got off work, I checked the voicemail that my dad left me, which said 'Kaylie, where are you? are you working? Call me asap, there's an emergency." And right then, I already knew what was up. So i called him back and he told me to rush to the hospital because my grandma was not doing so well. And so i did.

I met him and my cousin and uncle at Mcdonalds as they were having some food. I was really scared because all of their eyes were so puffy and red. When we got to the hospital, I was greeted by all my relatives in the room where my grandma stayed in. I was so heartbroken and my eyes got so watery because I've never been in a situation like this. She looked so thin and vulnerable. She was sleeping and her mouth was opened the whole time..grasping heavily for air. My grandpa was sitting on a wheelchair next to her (he fell couple days ago and was also hospitalized.) Everyone knew she was on her way..but nobody wanted to leave her side. My family stayed there until midnight, because my mother was getting really tired (geez -.-) And at 2something, my dad, sister and I went back to the hospital. I literally slept on the chairs on the seating area where patients watch TV and socialize. But it was midnight, so it was just me and my cousins laying there. We got home at 5..and I was so exhausted.

This isn't my immediate grandma. She isn't my mom nor my dad's mom. She's my cousin's grandmother..which is kind of distant in the family tree if you picture it. But I've lived with her longer than I've lived with my own grandparents (who aren't with me anymore. <3)>

It's heartbreaking to see her husband sit and sob next to her, holding her hand and measuring her pulse with his fingers..It's so beautiful at the same time. I could see her trying to open her eyes, as though she is trying to communicate with us but she physically cannot.

So, it's been almost 24hrs since her condition has worsened. I'm told she is still the same..a little bit worse because of her blood pressure. But she is trying hard to fight it and be strong, and it shows. Everything's been peaceful, very emotional nonetheless.

Maybe a miracle will happen?

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  1. :( gosh, just reading this made me cry.. <3 I would've balled my eyes out if I was there. <3 Definitely till death do us part