Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy spring!

Welcome spring, welcome!! I've waited so long for this season to finally come. I'm so ready to ditch my jackets and scarves, for reals.

I had an on call shift at work today, and luckily they didn't need me! Thank gosh, cus I was only taking someone's shift and I would've been a bitter employee if I had to go in. I like my sunday's anywhere but at work sank you very much! So the bf came over after his car meet and we went to Lucy's Eastside Dinner for a late lunch! I heard about that place in a few blogs and I couldn't wait to try it. The inside is covered with turquoise painted walls, I felt like I was inside a Tiffany & Co box. Hahah it was that kinda turquoise. So 70s in there! The food was amazing too.
I got a regular burger, it came with fries and a milkshake of the day. I got Oreo because it's my all time faaaav!! Omgosh IT WAS SO BOMB :) & justin got a BBQ Chicken burger. hehe he loved it there too! I'm so glad. It is also open 24hrs, I'm definitely gonna go for some late night burgers one day!

Since it was such a nice spring day in Vancouver, we decided to drive downtown. I bought myself some new suede maroon pumps from Roberto Vianni. Most of my heels are from that brand. haha it was on sale too! Could not stop myself. It was a very relaxed Sunday well spent. :)
it looks red but it's burgundy in person :)

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