Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's been a couple days since I last blogged. So on Thursday, it was the most relaxing day I had since a long longgg time. I really needed it! Justin and i finally went to Delta for Krispy Kremes!! We thought that it was gonna be a long ride, well he did. But we got there in like 30mins! We got 2 dozens :) Finished my last donut today..sooo orgasmic. It's definitely not your typical tim horton's donut! It was Justin's mom's birthday that day too, so we to Save-On to pick her up her favorite Tuxedo cake. It's so delish! It's like layers of bread, chocolate and creme. & then I went to Tropika for dinner with Justin's family. Food was amazeballs, I had a great time with my second family < 3.
I picked up a few things from London Drugs:
Revlon Nail Enamel in
Peach Nectar:

I think this is gonna be my new go-to colour! I love the colour pay off. This picture doesn't do the nail polish justice, it's much nicer in person. I like how it has a hint of peach and it's matte, it has no shimmer. I hate shimmer nail polish sometimes haha. I applied 3 coats to get that colour in the picture. And the best part? It was on sale for $2.99!
Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose:

I heard about this blush from a youtube beauty guru and I had to get it the moment I saw it. I think the packaging and the look of the product captured my attention most. I'm a huge sucker for pretty packaging. So apparently the ingredient contains something that mimics Endorphins, and Endorphins are supposed to make you happy, hence the name Happy Booster. I refuse to believe a blush can make you happy..but I'm still very impressed! Let me just say that it is SUPER pigmented, and super PINK. I apply a very small amount, and blend blend blend away. It gives off a really healthy glow. The blush comes with a small brush and mirror as well, but I won't be using the brush for sure. It smells like rose extracts. Price: $15somthing. My first Physician's Formula product, and I will definitely be repurchasing from their line. It's like high-end drug store. Over all I'm really impressed and you should all consider it if you're looking for a good quality, affordable blush for spring and summer. The only thing is, why are my hearts upside down??


  1. wow, even though that nailpolish doesn't do justice in pic, it already looks niceee!!! i shall gets ones !!
    ps. pics or it didn't happen to kripsy kremes, tuxedo cake, tropika LOL1 jk :)
    haha @ the blush.. well, the heart on the case is right-sideup.. hmm!! i think u should call the 1800 number on the back and ask ;)

  2. LOL i tried following your blog but i followed myself instead.. FAIL :( the blush looks so good! take a pic of it on you, i wanna see how it looks on